About Me

My name is Victoria and I have the privilege of being the nanna of two beautiful granddaughters - Fairy Pink and Fairy Purple.

I also happen to be the mother of two amazing daughters as well as stepmother to two handsome young men and a lovely stepdaughter. Oh, and I had better not forget my two grandpuppies and more fish than I can count!

I live in New South Wales, Australia and my house is a happy and welcoming place for all who want to come and visit.

I work for a doctor who practices nutritional medicine, formulates health supplements and writes lots of health related books. Working here has also meant that I have got to know some amazing naturopaths and, with all of their help, I found my way to the best health I have enjoyed for many years.

I have always believed that everything we needed for good health was already provided for us here on earth. It is wonderful to be in a place where I can learn to recognise and take advantage of all of the knowledge that these natural health professionals offer.

I wanted to put this website together to share so much that I have learned about so many bits and pieces over the years but especially to pass on some of this interesting (and, I believe, potentially life-saving) information.

If you would like to contact me, please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Pink Floyd

In my opinion, this song sums it ALL up . . .

I want this played at my funeral (not being morbid just planning ahead)

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