Myriad of various

Various things to use for a myriad of reasons

Here are some useful things I have discovered over my time - a fairly oddball conglomeration of topics and gadgets. I love sharing a good find . . .

Putting my random thoughts, knowings, feelings, experience and the like together and then trying to get them organised into some sort of ordered groups is really quite hard to do. So, with that in mind, I decided to just put them all together under the heading "useful myriad of various" because it sounded as sensible a thing as anything else I could think of.

Money well spent as long as you seek and receive direction as to which ones to take and why.


Please send me an email with details regarding what you would like to order and I will send you back a tax invoice which includes my bank details. Once you have sent confirmation that the payment has been deposited into my account, I will have items despatched to your nominated postal address immediately.

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