My first thought was to put 'normal' food on here but, since I now better understand the potential health issues that arise when people consume gluten and sugar, I have decided to only offer these healthier type of recipes.

Wherever possible, the food I eat, and that which I feed my family, does not have nutritional panels on the sides! Ever noticed that REAL food doesn't have these printed panels telling you what is in the food you are about to put in  your mouth? Check out the next apple you eat - no info on the sides . . . in fact, pretty much every single item of fresh food you find at the shops won't have a nutritional panel on it.

Even though I "spoil" my grandbabies with lollies and cakes on occasion, which I know are not the best for their long term health, I am certainly doing that less and less these days. Not only do I choose healthier low sugar, no gluten options when I can, I often explain to them why I am doing this (my grandkids are pretty clever).

I figure that learning and personal growth is a constant thing so why waste an opportunity to pass on some good old nanna advice!


Foods for health and wellbeing

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