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Daily supplements - it is important to get them right!
Our children's health - who is really in charge?
Are you getting round around the middle?
Live in the moment - what are you waiting for?
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Daily supplements - it is important to get them right!

I know the value of taking my daily supplements; I have taken them for years – I feel better, look better and my energy levels are amazing (and I won’t even say “for someone my age” because I am more energetic than just about everyone else I know!) I felt confident that I only took the ones I needed, and that I understood the dose I needed for each that I chose to take. That said, I recently made a big boo boo and did not properly read the label of a new supplement I started to take.
I am Dr Cabot’s graphic artist and have not long finished typesetting the new book, “Healing Autoimmune Disease” and, as usual when I am putting the artwork for a book together, I get to read said book many times during the editing process.

Our children's health - who is really in charge?

These days, way too many people are finding themselves with fatty liver disease and, in the vast majority of cases, this is because of their diet. It seems strange to me that people don’t really believe that their daily diet of highly processed, convenience food - which is super high in sugar and industrial seed oils - means that they are actually walking a very scary, yet quite deliberate, path to ill health – regardless of their age.

I remember when I was in my teens and early adulthood, it seemed to me that I, and almost everyone else I knew, could eat what we wanted without worrying about those ‘middle age’ type health problems that younger people today often suffer from .

Are you getting round around the middle?

Many older adults seem to be really getting the message that they, as individuals, need to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing – and that is great news. You would certainly agree that it is much better to be proactive and ward off illnesses than to have to deal with them once diagnosed.

The bad news is that many health conscious people don’t seem to realise that using ‘diet’ versions of soft drinks will not help their cause to keep their weight in check and health in good order – in fact, consuming diet drinks will have the opposite effect!

Live in the moment - what are you waiting for?

Millions of people all over the world started this year doing the same thing they did last year and the year before that and the year before that . . .  They made a promise to themselves that THIS was going to be the year they would finally lose that weight, give up smoking, get a better job etc.
In other words, they made their annual New Year’s Resolution.
Resolving to change the things we do which are harmful to ourselves or others is a positive and proactive step but it must be followed up with affirmative action.


My friend’s mother always remembers to buy thoughtful gifts for my grandchildren and, this Christmas, she gave them a kit so they could make a gingerbread man and also one which was to construct and decorate a gingerbread house. She asked me to pass it along to them and said that she knew that I was the kind of nanna that would take the time to make these things with them. To be honest, I can’t imagine a nanna who wouldn’t make time to do such fun stuff with their grandkids and I certainly was not going to miss out on such an adventure!

Babies and the end of the line

When a baby is brought into this world, whether it pokes it little head out or it is lifted out of its mother by way of medical intervention, I feel confident in saying that, in almost every case, this new arrival is cause for celebration.

A newborn baby is so incredible – just think about all those tiny body parts, all wrapped up in the softest skin with a voice so loud and insistent that it overrides reason and commands grown adults to stop what they are doing and try and decipher what the cacophony is all about.

Keeping up with technology

Recently, I read an article where it was recommended that handheld devices such as smart phones or tablets should be banned for use by children.

This article made some salient points such as:
  • Sitting and playing games on handheld devices increases the possibility of delayed development. Moving around has been found to enhance learning and physical development in children. Some kids get up in the morning, sit and watch television then switch to a handheld device such as a smart phone or tablet and continue hours and hours of sedentary behaviour – never really moving from the spot they first sit.

Sugar high!

Giving young children lollies or soft drink is a surefire way to get them zooming around the room, squealing and generally running amok. I am sure we all remember the good old sugar high!

Of course, giving our grandkids lollies and cakes is one of the basic rules of being a nanna. It is expected and, when timed just right, sees our little grand darlings leaving our care with a bag of goodies to eat. Kudos to us (as far as our grandkids are concerned) and woe to their poor parents who will have to cope with their hyped up munchkins for the next few hours.

Learn and pass it on . . .

One of the things both of my grandchildren know about me is that I do my very best to avoid gluten.  Even when my youngest granddaughter pretends to make me some play food, she always says to me as she is serving it, “Don’t worry nanna, it is gluten free.”

As a grandmother, I believe it is not only important that I look after myself so I can keep up with my grandkids, but that I teach them about the life changing things I have learned. That is a vital part of being a nanna – passing on the wisdom that comes with experience.

Ma and Pa

I've just returned from visiting the place where my mum and dad's ashes were scattered. They are at a special place in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria and this wonderful place, their resting place, as it were. is absolutely perfect. On our trip we experienced that drizzle that only seems to fall in Victoria! You know, the one that can last for days yet is light enough so you can go about your business - that is, if you don't mind getting a bit damp.

It just doesn't rain like that in Sydney - we get all the lightening, thunder, southerly storms and just rain .
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