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in my day . . .

Oh, those words . . . "in my day" . . . can you believe that you even utter them? Can you hear the voice of your own mother echoing down through the years, using those three words at you?

Remember explaining to our own mums that things were different now and that we were no longer living in the "olden days" where we had to boil the copper to sterilise nappies? That, in fact, we had this amazing system called the Milton's sterilising unit! You just put some Miltons powder in the plastic sterilising bucket and soaked the nappies overnight. Then a quick squeeze out, chuck them in the washing machine and they were clean and white and ready to hang on the line. We were recycling before it was trendy!

Many an old wives' tale was thrown at us, whether it really made much sense was a whole other matter! Remember the old adage "children should be seen and not heard"? These days you can hardly hear yourself think over the racket that some kids generate with their music and gaming consoles (and that's just the little 'uns!)

In my day, expectant parents actually waited until the baby was born to find out its sex. As far as I was concerned, I wanted some kind of 'reward' after going through labour and delivery, and was happy to wait until then to see whether I had a girl or boy. These days, however, many parents-to-be find this important fact out as soon as they can, so they can colour co-ordinate the nursery and enrol their offspring-to-be in the best school to ensure they have the best chance in university!

Okay, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit but fancy thinking about university before the bub has even entered the world! Seems like things have changed so much since I had my own children - but the fact is, that each generation does things differently and so life goes on.

We all have our own challenges and dreams and, just as each generation brings forth babies, new mums and dads are also born . . . and so are new nannas (and grandpas).

I am writing this blog for those women who are going to become nannas and, just like you have to learn to be a mother, you really do need to learn some specific skills to be a cool nanna!

You may even have an Honours Degree in Mothering, but you do not automatically graduate to an Honours Degree in Grandmotherology - you need to ensure you have done study, refreshed your skillbase and learnt the relevant new methodology and required outcomes.

There are no such things as nappy buckets these days - you need to be up with what is the best ecological disposable nappy with the smallest carbon footprint! Boiling bottles - ummm, no! These days, new mums use ergonomic designer bottles which have infra red sterilising units.

So, grab a cuppa, put your feet up . . . and start learning!

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