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in the beginning, there were no nannas . . .

As the title of my first blog states, in the beginning there were NO nannas . . .

Whether you believe in the Adam and Eve version of things or if evolution makes more sense to you, there had to be a 'first' human. Sadly for that person - let's call her Audrey for the sake of calling her something - well, Audrey did not have a nanna.

OMG imagine not having a nanna - even if your nanna has not been terribly good at her job of nannaing, she probably at least knitted you the odd beanie or scarf, or gave you one of those hideous gifts at Christmas or for your birthday that made you literally cringe. Everyone needs things like this . . . character building I think and trying to imagine poor Audrey not having one just makes the world seem a paler place. Don't you think?

My name is Victoria and I am a nanna - and a bloody good one I reckon. I have two magnificant grand daughters who are the most clever and most beautiful grand daughters in the world. That, dear readers, is a FACT.

I am also lucky enough to be the mother of the two most amazing and talented daughers (and the step mother to another daugher and two sons who are also marvellous and wonderful people).

I feel so extremely blessed and, so, I thought I would share my views of being the world's best nanna (okay, ONE of the world's best nannas!)

I am writing this blog on my new iPad 2 which I got for my birthday (Christmas Day . . . yeah, I know, that sucks!) and my darling man is laying next to me while I write this, my very first blog.

I have just had one of the best New Year's Eves ever - and it was shared with all my lovely family (including my two darling grand daughters). I invited everyone over to my house to camp in the backyard and to pretend that we were at a real camping ground.

After welcoming everyone to the 'Happy Hills Camping Ground' we set up our tents and then all jumped in my huge pool. I even played my very first game of Marco Polo! Having listened to my two daughters and their various friends play this game over the years but have never played it myself until yesterday, I had no idea how hard it is. OMG I was exhausted after one round of being 'it' and had to leave it to the young 'uns. Dang! how they played for hours and hours as kids now shocks me because it is bloody hard work swimming around and treading water - all the while having your eyes closed and trying to catch the others in the pool.

I can go to the gym and run for 3 or 4 kms on the treadmill and not get so tired. Even adding a weights session after the run would not have had me feeling as buggered as I did yesterday.

Oh well, I am glad I am fit enough to have got amongst them in the pool - I gave up smoking a few years ago and have worked hard on getting healthier . . . all part of my plans on being a great nanna!

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