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remember the days of the old school yard?

Fairy Pink started kindergarten today and she did it with style . . .

My eldest grand daughter is only 4½ and so very small yet she donned her tiny little school uniform and put her enormous backpack on and enlisted in the education system. With nary a backward glance, despite our sad and worried little faces, she marched into the classroom with her new schoolmates, took off her backpack and went and sat down, ready to learn.

I had turned up at her house early this morning so I could share in the 'getting ready' ritual that comes with everyone's first day at school. The day that the new school uniform is finally put on in earnest - no more just trying it on and pretending that 'one day' it would be worn to school . . . today was THE day. School shoes that are polished and ready to keep little feet safe and, of course, the school hat which hopefully fits well enough not to keep falling in their eyes.

I imagined that Fairy Pink would be feeling a little apprehensive and so I asked her was she feeling nervous. Her response? "Oh nanna, I am feeling a little bit nervous but I am really quite excited." Did I mention that she is 4½? What an answer for a kid of that age! I swear she is an old soul . . . she is always coming out with comments which belie her years.

While all of this 'getting ready for school stuff' was going on, my other grand daughter, Fairy Purple, was keeping me entertained with her Dora dolls while my daughter got Fairy Pink suited up and school hair done. Once the sunscreen was on and the school bag packed, it was time for the photoshoot - her mum was taking pics on her phone, her nanny had her camera out and I (her nanna) was also using my phone to video this momentous occasion. I must say that both grand daughters were coping well with the demands the paparazzi were making of them! It was then that their grandfather 'poppy' turned up and got into the act with the video on his phone catching all the action.

Finally it was time to head out the door - we all piled into our cars and headed for the school. By this stage, my daughter had shed a tear or two but, thankfully, there was no hysterical sobbing from anyone (not even me - I was feeling pretty proud of myself for showing such control) All the while, Fairy Pink was calm and eager to actually get to her new school . . . it had been talked about for ages but the time for action was actually here.

Yes, I admit it . . . I videoed Fairy Pink walking into the schoolyard, took pictures of her with her mum and dad and sister, videoed her getting her name called to join her new class and took final snapshots as the teacher pried all of us away from these new little pupils. I peered in the window to get a last glance at her - worrying that she was feeling scared now that push had come to shove but no, my wonderful grand daughter was already joining the other kids in the classroom without a care in the world (so it seemed to me anyway).

While I did manage to get through this without any tears actually falling from my eyes, I did feel a bit lost and bewildered inside . . . wasn't it only yesterday that I was seeing her mother off at her kindergarten classroom?

My, how the years fly by . . . I even remember my own first day at school and that really is ancient history!

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Coach frankfurt on Tuesday, May 06, 2014 4:22 PM
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