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Paying Forward

I am currently on a major health kick - no sugar (and I mean NO sugar), no gluten, doing my best to eat free range eggs and grass fed meat, drinking lots of water and just generally trying to give my health a big boost. I am even having a spoonful of ziolite each morning (it is kind of like dirt) as this is supposed to help clean my insides out and be good for my general health.

I work for Dr Sandra Cabot and her amazing bunch of naturopaths and, it is their health advice that I am following. I feel so much better with the life changes I have made thus far and feel blessed that my life's journey intersected theirs.

My youngest daughter in particular like to joke around with me about all the strange things I do these days in the name of health. She watches me going without bread and cakes, making special meals which don't contain gluten (and often take much longer to prepare) and I have lost count of the number of times that she has rolled her eyes at my bottles of vitamin supplements which I take every day.

I had lost my mum to cancer, then a year later lost my dad and then my marriage of 25 years also ended. As you can imagine, this was living hell and my health suffered badly - in fact, I ended up totally run down, and then suffered with the worst case of tonsilitis I have ever had and, through my grief, had no appetite for food so dropped to around 47kgs.

Putting it mildly, I was a mess and I was miserable. I locked myself away from almost everyone because I just didn't want to explain again why I was crying or why I did not want to eat. I would go and visit my granddaughter who was not even one year old at that time - just being with her helped to heal me and I could just cry and be myself and she just loved me . . . exactly what I needed!

My saving grace through this were my daughters - they had to watch their beloved mother pretty much have a breakdown (while also having to cope themselves with watching their family unit break up). 

It is at times like this that I realised just how precious my two girls are to me - and it helped give me some perspective as to just how painful the loss of my own mother was and how they would need to deal with this pain one day.

My mum was only 64 when she passed and I still feel angry that she went way too soon. Having been a smoker almost all of her life, she ended up with lung cancer which then metastasised into brain tumours. I still remember the day she told my sister and I about the lung cancer and then, only months later, she was gone.

It was only the other morning, when my youngest daughter and I were in the kitchen having our breakfast that she asked me why I was taking yet another weird concoction (the ziolite). It suddenly occurred to me why I was eating spoons full of dirt before my breakfast and I explained it to her . . .

I was prepared to do whatever I could to give myself the very best chance of hanging around until I was 80 and thereby giving my girls the chance to have their mum around much longer than I had had. I was happy to pay forward by taking vitamins, not smoking or drinking, going to the gym, learning to meditate and whatever else I could reasonably do to try and hang around.

It was then that my daughter's expression changed to a look of real understanding and she said, "thanks mum - that makes perfect sense now".

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