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Forward. No. Other. Option.

I have decided that I am going to set up an eBay shop and sell most of my collectables!

Shock! Awe! Confusion . . . ?

Well, technically, these odds and bits and bobs of varied items and stuff once belonged to mum and dad so while they were really their collectables, I did inherit these a few years ago ergo they are now mine.

They mean nothing to me and I really know nothing much about most of them. I know mum and dad did, and that collecting and knowing the story of particular items was a pastime that gave them both pleasure.

That is good and nice . . . I am glad they had some hobby they shared but as far as most collectable things are concerned, they just take up room and I could convert these goods into some much needed money which would allow me to make my house the way I actually would like it.

I have so many great ideas and have started so many projects. I have played around with this website for a while - at all times having great intentions but not putting in the work . . .

Anyhoo, after years of procrastination, and having become amazingly and totallly over worrying about them and having to store them. I've decided it is time to break free of the shackles and sell most of my collectables to those real collectors out there.

Here's an example - I inherited a pair of late 60's - early 70's X Ray Goggles and, up until right  now, had always thought of them and other collectable "stuff" I have everywhere around my house, as something I need "to get rid of" as if it were some a kind of burden.

Not any more! I have just realised that the fact I own so much cool and unusual stuff along with the other fact that I don't feel a need to own ALL of the cool and unusual stuff is truly a blessing.

Although I must admit that it is not only very cool to actually be the owner of these Xray Specs, it is incredible to experience the rush you get when you actually put them on for the first time and witness the awesomeness . . . Oh, the humanity! You did it! You finally own a pair. Probably not the exact dream you were hoping would come true - there were so many others which may have had a greater bearing on your life than being one of the truly blessed few to still be able to get hours of enjoyment from this . . . this . . . oh, words just fail me!

Since writing this blog, I have come to realise that I should, nay, I MUST, keep these goggles. When next I am out amongst the common good, I will have a sly smile and think to myself, "none of these people have even the slightest idea that they are so close to THE OWNER of AWESOMENESS". But I will know . . . and I will be proud.

Please note: It is only those who used to read the comics which are mentioned at the top and who used to pore over the little advertising bits on the back pages which will truly get this blog. Probably aged around 40 plus. Sorry everyone else. Perhaps you can see this little journey you have been taken on as a learning experience, a way of better understanding your fellow man or woman. Lol, not really . . .

Dare I say it? Life is good . . . 

Nah, I am kidding - just give me the money and you can take the prize. Keep posted . . .

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